Join me and like-minded travelers as we search the world for adventure!

2023 and 2024 Groups coming soon!

Why join one of my hosted groups?

Enjoy the benefits of having your own personal concierge.

Whether you are an independent traveler or one who enjoys group activities, you will appreciate the advantages of being part of a hosted group, including:
  • Being accompanied by an experienced host who is available to you for any assistance needed during your trip.
  • The opportunity to participate in group activities and social events. Join us for happy hour as we share stories of our day, meet fellow travellers, make plans or simply gather to enjoy music and a glass of wine.
  • Extras including airport transfers from Kingston, lounge passes, gratuities, welcome and farewell dinners, private excursions and more. While activities vary by group, each will enjoy many experience enhancements.
  • Meeting like-minded travelers and forming lasting connections. 
Join us and let’s get lost in beautiful places together.

 “The most beautiful things in life are not things. They’re people and places, memories, and pictures. They’re feelings and moments, and smiles and laughter.” — Unknown